In Competition at the 22nd Stockholm International Film Festival!!!







On Thursday November the 10th TEARDROP will show in competition at the Stockholm International Film Festival!!! We compete against 14 other films for the coveted bronze horse – the heaviest film prize in the world!!! The competing directors include SPiKE JONZE!!!

The festival programmers have chosen to summeries our film with one complement after another:
„Director Damian John Harper uses a hand-held camera as the eyes of his silent protagonists in 2011’s most gut-wrenching short film. The cameras lingering eye contact with the characters is almost more disturbing than the story’s graphic violence. »Teardrop« is raw, realistic and beautiful. The malaise of the last scene is guaranteed to stay with the spectator long after the film’s 14 minutes are over.“ – Stockholm International Film Festival.



















At last….. TEARDROP will be celebrating it´s german premier at the 45th Hof International Film Festival. This cult festival is considerd the „kitchen of new european film talent“!!!

TEARDROP will be serving up hot goodness on three occaisions:


Friday the 28th at 21:45 in THE CASINO

Saturday the 29th at 13:00 in REGINA


Sunday the 30th at high noon in THE CASINO.


For more information about the festival just hit this